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Owner: Abiee

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Made in: Illustrator CS6
Layout up since: 25/1/14
Version: 6


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My name is Abiee Lucas, welcome to Vita! This is my website that I have created to showcase my work in graphic design, photography and media. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thanks for visiting and I hope you like what you see!

New year new layout! It isn't often I get chance to edit my website but I have a day off today so I thought I'd give it a new feel! I have made a new twitter for vita so you can follow me @vita_designs I tried to keep the same kind of theme as my new twitter account and I'm really liking it for now! I change my mind so much though It could be purple next week!


I've been so busy recently with work and college so it's hard to find time to myself. I'm even struggling to keep on top of work for my client (and good friend) 'Fievre Creative.' However, I'm determined to get it done. 


Saturday 25th January 2014


Monday 24th June 2013

This is just a quick post I wanted to share with everyone the new site I came accross. It's called HitRecord and it's Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new website that aims to get creative people's work out there and you could even earn some money from it if your stuff gets noticed so it's definitely worth doing! Go to http://hitrecord.org to sign up and get started! 

I also decided to sign up to LinkedIn as I've heard some good stuff from it so if you're interested you can connect with me! :)



Sunday 9th June 2013

Today I have made some big changes to the site, I have completely re-done my homepage and I'm so happy with the turn out! Obviously there are still improvements to be made but I think I am headed in the right direction and I think this version is better than all my previous layouts. I have also added a contact form to my 'CONTACT' page so it is easier for people to email me and I have also added a 'COMMENT' page which is what I have been wanting for so long! I don't get many visitors but hopefully this will give me some indication of what people want to see and if I'm heading in the right direction so I really hope people give me some feedback I'm really excited about this page!

In other news it looks like summer is finally here in England! I never thought I'd see it but the weather has been gorgeous lately I hope it lasts, it definitely calls for a few garden parties/BBQ's in the very near future!